Friday, June 17, 2011


Restaurante / Tapas Bar

It was about a week or two ago that I was driving along Timog Avenue when I caught sight of a newly opened restaurant serving (what I  believe was to be) Spanish inspired cuisine. The mere fact that the sign said Tapas Bar had me quite excited so i said to myself that I will try this place at the soonest possible time.

It was just last Wednesday (along with two other companions) that I gave the place a visit. The friendly servers informed us that they are still on their soft opening. (with its Grand Opening probably today, June 17)

While the place does seem like a Spanish Inspired Resto, the menu would indicate that its more of a fusion with our local cuisine. And with the set-up of a somewhat big stage for live performances, I'd say this is more of a resto-bar type.

Anyway, here are a few of the dishes we ordered. (pardon me for the lousy shots, the dining area was quite dark that I either had to resort to using the flash on my point and shoot camera or that I did a lot of post editing just so that I can brighten up the pics)

Croquettes Stuffed with Ham and accompanied with a Pesto Mayo Dipping Sauce

It's not really "stuffed" with ham ..... actually I didn't get to taste anything that resembles ham. All I did taste was the breadcrumbs and some mushy filling that had a hint of cheese. Too bad as the Pesto Mayo dipping sauce was actually good.

Mussels with Spicy Tomato Sauce

One of my companion said it all ...... she said it tasted much like our local BOPIS served on a mussel shell.

It's too bad that they chopped the mussels into very very small pieces that the tomato sauce completely covered the flavor of the mussels. I was wondering why they didn't serve the mussels whole. The bread crumbs on top was a bit of a distraction too as I think it was just there for added texture.

Fried Baby Squid with Garlic Mayo

Such a nice name, but what we got are basically calamares with onion rings. Th squids were a little overcooked as it was quite tough to chew on. the onion rings were just ok for me. As for the Garlic Mayo??? we were asking where was the garlic flavor.


This one is a pretty straightforward dish, its spaghetti topped with Beef Caldereta. The meat is very tender, the sauce is flavorful (though I personally would have wanted more "heat") and the pasta is nice and firm. This I think would have to be our favorite dish for the night.


In fairness to this rice dish, at least its not too dry and has actually that slight melt in your mouth texture. But I personally think there are better versions out there.


Directions: From Quezon Avenue, take Timog Avenue going into the direction of the Rotunda. Your landmark should a Shell Gas Station to your left and Danny's Grill to your right side. Turn left at that intersection and you should immediately see the signage a few meters ahead.


  1. Sounds bad, still I think that if we wait after the actual opening maybe ... just maybe ... the food might be 'revised'.

  2. Geez I hope so ...... their choices for tapas are actually very limited. I think I can get better tapas at Taverna Barcelona over at SM Megamall.

  3. caldereta pasta... sounds interesting=)

  4. Bopis served in a mussel shell.. haha!

  5. well, thanks for posting because i found a place where i really want. the setting is modernist in a minimalist ambience. the food was excellent. Highly recommended!

  6. mmm. caldereta pasta , sounds like a twist from cyma's osso bucco pasta.